I Almost Quit and How I Overcame My Distractions

Today was tough. I almost quit. I almost stopped with my goal right there in front of me.  I am so close I can see the end but I almost gave up in 5 min what I have been training for over the past 3 months.  I got distracted by fatigue and fear. And in a matter of moments a wave of uncontrollable emotion came over me and almost torpedoed my goal.

What happened? Every year for the past 3 years I have made a goal of competing in a triathlon. I use the word Competing lightly.  It is more like surviving a triathlon.  Three years ago I couldn’t even swim so this was an ambitious goal for me. But this year, with 2 tri Athlon under my belt I was feeling more confident than ever and decided to sign up for another one. I had not doubt that I would complete this tri and even decided to be better…swim faster and bike faster. So I joined a training group led by an excellent coach.  This is my accountability and motivator and pacing group. The closer I get to the tri the stronger I feel.

But today I freaked out.  It was our mini tri day.  A week before the race we simulate race day.  We practice all 3 activities as if it were the day of the race.  This is intended to get out any kinks before the actual race. I approached the pool, heart pounding, mind foggy and as I started to swim I couldn’t relax.  I couldn’t catch my breath, I couldn’t swim.

Luckily this only lasted for 5 min and after tears, a sideline chat with my coach and altering my self talk from “I’m tired” to “I’m a badass”, I was on my way to success!

What did I learn today?

1. I am not alone.  When I looked around my training group was there.
2. Trust the journey.  I so want the race to be over that I almost compromised my practicing which is needed to make me strong for the final event.
3. Coaches matter.   in those moments when you get tired amd want to give up they provide accountability and motivation.

My thoughts have power.

1 week left and I have a plan to finish strong!  No quitting.  Distractions overcame!

Written by Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton