6 tips to help you find space.

Where can you find space?  This was a question that my yoga instructor asked during a recent Hot Vinyasa Yoga class.  And even though my mind was supposed to be clear of thoughts, I couldn’t help but ponder this question.  Where can I find space?

If you are anything like me, Summer whizzed by and  I picked up so many activities.  Now I have too many distractions that are vying for my time.  Busy and over scheduled,  Fall has peaked in only to catch me unprepared. With school back in and back to school/parents nights populating your schedule, you may be overwhelmed.

How do you reset and get back to that place you thought you were at–you know that peaceful place where you were confident, accomplishing the things on your daily to do list, that calm and happy place?

Here are 6 tips that I use at the beginning of each season to find space:

  1. Review my list of CORE VALUES.  Our values reside inside of us and can help guide our decisions–an internal GPS.
  2. Use these values to PRIORITIZE my activities.
  3. SCRATCH the things on my To Do list that do not match with my core values.  In order to magnify your purpose, there are some things on your To Do list that should be dropped. These are the things that you avoid doing and carry over each day because they do not excite you.
  4. Re-establish DISCIPLINE with my diet. Removing sugar and caffeine always gives me more energy!
  5. Take time to THINK deeply.  This could be staying inside for a block of time with the TV and electronics, including your smart phone turned off.
  6. REJUVENATE by lighting candles and meditating, taking a yoga class, talking to my best friend or getting a massage.

Hitting the reset button at the beginning of each season is a necessary practice.  It allows me to get back to my happy place, the space where my productivity and POTENTIAL increases exponentially!  #binspired

Written by Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton