Charlotte’s Services

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Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton has brought innovation and vision to her diverse roles within the healthcare industry over the last 20+ years as a physician, biopharmaceutical medical director, and entrepreneur.  She is known for her upbeat personality, positive attitude and inspirational spirit.


Are you looking to refine your current life journey or to develop a new life journey?  Life coaching will empower you to magnify your passion, purpose and potential. Strategic Planning Session:   Introduction session to identify opportunities for growth and change and create a plan for additional sessions if needed. Ongoing Sessions:  Transform your life with life coaching sessions customized for individuals or groups.

Speakers Bureau


Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton delivers thought provoking and engaging keynote addresses on the following:  Optimizing Relationships into Personal Board of Directors, Prioritizing Yourself, and Getting to Action. (Length: 30-60 minutes).

Viva la Diva Workshops/Retreats

Viva la Diva workshops and retreats give attendees an engaging, interactive experience for women in unique settings such as Girls Night Out or girlfriend getaways.  The content is customized to meet individual needs. (Length: Workshops are typically 2-4 hours. Retreats are typically 8+ hours over 1-2 days)


Hello Charlotte,

Many thanks for your leadership!  Also, I am very grateful for your coaching with my “Power Story”. You are awesome!

Best regards,

Dr. Shubu Vaughan

Dear Dr. CJB

You have been an inspiration and a source of encouragement to me. When a recent opportunity presented itself, I convinced myself that the timing was not right! You encouraged me that we embrace opportunities even when we feel afraid.  It is the only way to break through the barriers and experience ultimate growth.   You showed me that when destiny comes knocking, we should thank the universe for the opportunity and, trust our God given abilities to perform well.  I appreciate your leadership in showing me and others, how to turn dreams into possibilities.

Forever grateful,

Petula Fraser-Davies

Dear Charlotte,

Five years ago you said something that I have not forgotten. You talked about getting a board of directors for your life. These are people who would help navigate the areas I want to excel in…family, spirit, career, marriage… since then, I have made some strides in identifying the right people for my board. Its been a rocky road…changes in career, divorce, raising my boys, and remarriage. Despite the bumps, I started a few book ideas, explored hobbies that could be careers, but let my health and fitness slide. Through it all, I haven’t forgotten what you said. I see you working your model. Its time for me to wake my inner CEO and rally my board. Thanks for your inspiration and for the reminder of who I am called to be.

Shannah Tharp Gilliam, PhD